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Latest Revision: 01/07/2017
1.) Global Rules
A.) Off-Track Conduct
I.) There will be no berating of other participants in the official servers (game and voice) or forums. This includes personal insults and threats directed towards an individual or group.
II.) Extreme swearing or discussion of anything sexually explicit with the intention of causing offense is not permitted.
B.) In-Race Conduct
I.) Drivers are responsible for their vehicles at all times and must be aware of their surroundings. Failing to do so is considered reckless.
II.) Intentionally causing damage or loss of time (excluding blocking) to another participant is not permitted.
III.) Blocking is allowed, however 'cutting-off' of other drivers when they are attempting to pass is not permitted. Basically, this means you cannot block if a driver already has position on you.
IV.) Drivers are required to maintain speed and car control enough to avoid affecting other drivers.
V.) Drivers who are one lap or more down to the leader must yield to lead lap cars. However, drivers about to be lapped for the first time may fight with the leader to stay on the lead lap.
VI.) Proper pitting procedure, unless otherwise specified, will require drivers to enter pit road in the low line after warning other drivers of their entry either through in-game chat or voice chat. To exit pit road, drivers are required to follow the apron of the track to the backstretch where they can re-enter the racing surface while staying in the low line. This may be changed depending on specific track layout.
VII.) Course cutting to gain time on other drivers is not permitted. This is definied as using any off-track area to further your on-track position. As long as a driver has at least two tires on the track it will not be counted as cutting the course.
VIII.) In many cases, a 'pace-lap' is required before race start due to game limitations. This is simply a lap taken slowly around the track after the game throws the green flag to set the starting grid, sort out game-related grid issues, et cetera. Drivers must obey commands from league officials during this time and maintain the required pace speed.
IX.) After the completion of a pace-lap or caution period, drivers must not 'jump the start', or begin acceleration before the green flag is thrown by a race official.
C.) Registration
I.) In order to compete in any event (except special events), each driver must be registered on the league website and signed-up on the sign-ups page.
II.) New competitors may be required to be reviewed by league staff before competing in league events to make sure they are suited for competition (good car control, connection, et cetera). If this applies to you, you will be notified and a test session will be scheduled at your convenience.
III.) Custom car files (*.tex files, 'paints') must not contain anything inappropriate, such as sexual acts or anything blatantly offensive.
D.) Technical
I.) Each driver must be using the correct game files (mod, track, etc.) for the specific event.
II.) Participants must have an internet connection sufficient enough as to not cause 'warp' that harms competition during the event.
E.) Provisionals
I.) If a driver cannot attend an event, they can request a provisional to be awarded points for the event. The amount of provisionals each driver can request per season varies by series.
II.) When a driver is awarded a provisional, they will be scored at the end of the field after the event has been completed, below the last place finisher.
III.) If multiple drivers request a provisional for a single event, they will be awarded in the order they are requested.
F.) Caution Procedures
I.) At race start, after the in-game starting sequence completes, drivers will slowly circle around the track and stop in their pit boxes while the race official sets up observation cameras. After this is finished, drivers will slowly re-enter the track under a caution period in their qualifying positions. The race official will then have drivers line-up in double file formation and will start the race.
II.) Cautions can only be announced by the race official.
III.) Cautions will be called for most single-car wrecks and spins. However, cautions will not be called for cars rubbing or bouncing off of each other or the track walls without wrecking or spinning. Ultimately, this is up to the race official's discretion.
IV.) If a car becomes too damaged to move, or gets stuck somewhere, the race will be red-flagged until the race official can help them back to their pits.
V.) Since the race official cannot see every incident, drivers are recommended to call out all wrecks/spins/incidents they witness, and where it took place, without explictly saying that a caution is out.
VI.) Drivers who are a lap or more down can elect to take a 'wave-around' to gain back a lap under caution. However, drivers taking a wave-around are not allowed to pit under the same caution period.
VII.) When a caution period is implemented, drivers must slow to the predetermined pace speed in a single file line without changing their running positions as soon as safely possible.
VIII.) The field is frozen when a caution is announced. If there is a position dispute, the race official will line up the field in the most correct way they can.
IX.) The first driver who is one or more laps down at the time of the caution will receive the 'free-pass' and will be given one of their laps back, provided they were not the cause of the caution.
X.) Pit road will be closed after the caution is displayed until the race official announces it is open. This will take place after the free-pass driver has taken their lap and all drivers are caught up and in their correct positions. Pit road will stay open until the next caution.
XI.) Drivers will line up for restarts based on their leaderboard positions after the completion of the caution period's pit cycle. The race official will announce when drivers should take double-file formation for the restart.
XII.) The race official will restart the race through in-game chat messages. After the green flag message, drivers can accelerate and make passes.
2.) Series Specific Rules
A.) Quolane Modified Series
I.) The maximum number of drivers in a single race will be 28. If there are more competitiors than this, drivers who have qualified 29th or below will not make the main event and will be placed in the results in the order they have qualified.
II.) Drivers are allowed a maximum of four provisionals per season.
B.) Duomedia Classic Series
I.) The maximum number of drivers in a single race will be 24. If there are more competitiors than this, drivers who have qualified 25th or below will not make the main event and will be placed in the results in the order they have qualified.
II.) Drivers are allowed a maximum of two provisionals per season.
C.) Dirtrax Dirt Series
I.) Pitting is not permitted at any time on tracks that are equiped with a working pit road.
II.) Events will begin with a heat race (15% of feature length) set by random draw. The results of the heat race will be used to set the starting order of the feature.
III.) The maximum number of drivers in a single race will be 20. If there are more competitors than this, more than one heat race will be ran and the top 8 finishers from each race will advance to the feature race. The remainder of the drivers will compete in a consolation race (25% of feature length), or 'B-main', in which the top four drivers will advance to the feature event. The starting order of the feature will have the drivers from heat 1 in the inside line, the drivers from heat 2 in the outside line and the drivers from the consolation race at the rear.
IV.) Drivers are allowed a maximum of two provisionals per season.
3.) Penalty Outlines
A.) General Penalties
I.) [1.A.I & 1.A.II] Communication Conduct Violation (1st Offense: League Warning; 2nd Offense: 2 Race Suspension; 3rd Offense: League Suspension)
II.) [1.B.I & 1.B.IV] Reckless Driving (-2 laps per Victim)
III.) [1.B.II] Malicious Driving (1st Offense: Event Disqualification; 2nd Offense: 2 Race Suspension; 3rd Offense: Season Suspension)
IV.) [1.B.III] Reckless Blocking (-5.0s per Instance)
V.) [1.B.V] Impeading Leader's Progress (-1 lap per Victim)
VI.) [1.B.VI] Pitting Violation (-15.0s per Instance)
VII.) [1.B.VII] Course Cutting (-5.0s per Instance)
VIII.) [1.B.IX] Restart Violation (-10.0s per Instance)
B.) Registration & Technical Penalties
I.) [1.C.I] Unregistered Driver (Event Disqualification)
II.) [1.D.I] Incorrect Game Files (Event Disqualification)
III.) [1.D.II] 'Warp' Interference (Removal from Event Server)
C.) Quolane Modified Series Penalties
D.) Duomedia Classic Series Penalties
E.) Dirtrax Dirt Series Penalties
I.) [2.C.I] Unauthorized Pit Usage (League-Issued Black Flag)
4.) Points Systems
A.) General Points Information
I.) At the end of each season, the driver with the most accumulated points will be awarded the championship. If two or more drivers finish a season with the same amount of points, a tie-breaker will be put into place. The tied drivers will be positioned based on the following hierarchy: 1.) # of Wins; 2.) # of Poles; 3.) # of Top Fives; 4.) # of Laps Led; 5.) Avg. Finishing Position.
II.) No points or bonus points are awarded for heat or consolation (B-main) races.
B.) Quolane Modified Points System
I.) Bonus Points
Winning the Race: 3 points
Leading a Lap: 1 point
Leading the Most Laps: 1 point
II.) Position Points
1st Place: 43 points
2nd Place: 42 points
3rd Place: 41 points
4th Place: 40 points
5th Place: 39 points
6th Place: 38 points
7th Place: 37 points
8th Place: 36 points
9th Place: 35 points
10th Place: 34 points
11th Place: 33 points
12th Place: 32 points
13th Place: 31 points
14th Place: 30 points
15th Place: 29 points
16th Place: 28 points
17th Place: 27 points
18th Place: 26 points
19th Place: 25 points
20th Place: 24 points
21st Place: 23 points
22nd Place: 22 points
23rd Place: 21 points
24th Place: 20 points
25th Place: 19 points
26th Place: 18 points
27th Place: 17 points
28th Place: 16 points
29th Place: 15 points
30th Place & Below: 14 points
C.) Duomedia Classic Points System
I.) Bonus Points
Leading a Lap: 5 points
Leading the Most Laps: 5 points
II.) Position Points
1st Place: 185 points
2nd Place: 170 points
3rd Place: 165 points
4th Place: 160 points
5th Place: 155 points
6th Place: 150 points
7th Place: 146 points
8th Place: 142 points
9th Place: 138 points
10th Place: 134 points
11th Place: 130 points
12th Place: 127 points
13th Place: 124 points
14th Place: 121 points
15th Place: 118 points
16th Place: 115 points
17th Place: 112 points
18th Place: 109 points
19th Place: 106 points
20th Place: 103 points
21st Place: 100 points
22nd Place: 97 points
23rd Place: 94 points
24th Place: 91 points
25th Place: 88 points
26th Place: 85 points
27th Place: 82 points
28th Place: 79 points
29th Place: 76 points
30th Place & Below: 73 points
D.) Dirtrax Dirt Points System
I.) Bonus Points
Leading a Lap: 1 point
Leading the Most Laps: 1 point
II.) Position Points
1st Place: 40 points
2nd Place: 39 points
3rd Place: 38 points
4th Place: 37 points
5th Place: 36 points
6th Place: 35 points
7th Place: 34 points
8th Place: 33 points
9th Place: 32 points
10th Place: 31 points
11th Place: 30 points
12th Place: 29 points
13th Place: 28 points
14th Place: 27 points
15th Place: 26 points
16th Place: 25 points
17th Place: 24 points
18th Place: 23 points
19th Place: 22 points
20th Place: 21 points
21st Place: 20 points
22nd Place: 19 points
23rd Place: 18 points
24th Place & Below: 17 points